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Freestyle Lab is a hip hop platform from Belgium created by Anissa in 2016.

In February 2015, Anissa participated to the 1000 Pieces Puzzle program created by Cindy Claes for emerging urban artists. At the end of the program, she won the financial and marketing support from Zinnema to develop the Freestyle Lab project.

Freestyle Lab was created as a platform to offer the Belgian street dancers more opportunities to develop their art and skills and finally, to increase the visibility of the hip hop scene.

Those opportunities are translated by a web platform promoting Belgian dancers and communicating better on Belgian hip hop events, but also (and especially) translated by regular events organised in Belgium, such as jam sessions, freestyle workshops, and dance competitions.

In March 2016, the first Freestyle Lab sessions took place at Zinnema, offering a training space for Belgian urban dancers (find all pictures on this link). After those first editions, Freestyle Lab clarified its vision and mission within the hip hop community of Belgium and gained national recognition.


Progressively, the Freestyle Lab team has grown. Many street dancers are currently helping in the development of the platform. Thanks to everyone’s input, the Freestyle Lab community includes now many street dancers, supporting and helping the platform but also each other.

As hip hop dancers, we know what we do, how we do and why we do it.

100% FOR US, BY US


Freestyle Lab supports and lives the values conveyed by the hip hop culture. All our activities are based on those values.
Among them: respect, unity, knowledge, education, diversity, sharing, discovery, creativity, fun, love, etc.

What is a typical Freestyle Lab event? Click on ‘What We Do’