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Freestyle Lab unites urban dancers from all styles (hip hop, popping, locking, house dance, break dance, krump, afro or experimental), all generations (mixing all ages from the new school to the old school), all levels (from beginners to professionals), and all backgrounds. At Freestyle Lab, we advocate the unity within the diversity.

Freestyle Lab is a unique platform supporting the Belgian hip hop community with the goal of creating an ideal environment for the dancers’ development and visibility.

At regular events, Freestyle Lab encourages a unique collaborative approach, where dancers can practice, meet, exchange, share, explore, learn from each other in a 100% hip hop atmosphere.

If you are not a dancer but you love music, dance or the hip hop culture in general, you are also welcome to join us! Stay tuned on our events page.

More than a professional event organizer, Freestyle Lab also makes available its services – visit the SERVICES page.