Freestyle Lab, it’s:

  • cropped-fl20white1.jpgprofessional event management skills
  • an international network
  • an extensive database within the hip hop community of Belgium and abroad
  • a united team of urban dancers and artists sharing the same vision
  • a group of hip hop activists traveling every week to hip hop events abroad
  • diverse collaborations with other associations, events or groups.

More than only a professional event organizer, Freestyle Lab also makes available its services in those cases:

  • you need our input or competences for your hip hop/dance event
  • you would like to join forces and collaborate with us on one activity
  • you need recommendations for your hip hop activities (event, class, workshops, etc.)
  • you need urban dancers for a show or performance
  • you are visiting Belgium and you need any type of information related to hip hop dance

Feel free to contact us!